Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oracle Critical Patch Update for MySQL

Oracle has released the Critical Patch Update (CPU) for July 2014. The Oracle MySQL Risk Matrix lists 10 security fixes.

It took me some time to understand the subcomponent names. So here is the list with the full name of each subcomponent:

SubcomponentFull name
SRFTSServer: Full Text Search
SRCHARServer: Character sets
ENARCEngine: Archive
SROPTZRServer: Optimizer
SRREPServer: Replication
SRSPServer: Stored Procecure
ENFEDEngine: Federated

I don't think there is anything really important in the list, but it might be a good trigger to update to the latest release.

Upgrading should be easy especially if you're using the APT or YUM repositories from Oracle. If you're upgrading to a new major release (e.g. from 5.5 to 5.6) then you should read the instructions in the reference manual.

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