Saturday, November 9, 2013

MariaDB's RETURNING feature.

There is a new feature in the MariaDB 10 Beta which caught my eye: support for returning a result set on delete.

With a 'regular' DELETE operation you only get to know the number of affected rows. To get more info or actions you have to use a trigger or a foreign key. Anoter posibility is doing a SELECT and then a DELETE and with the correct transaction isolation a transactional support this will work.

With the support for the RETURNING keyword this has become easier to do and it will probably bennefit performance and save you a few roundtrips and a few lines of code.

There is already support for RETURNING in PostgreSQL. And PostgreSQL has an other nifty feature for which RETURNING really helps: CTE or common table expressions or the WITH keyword. I really hope to see CTE support in MySQL or MariaDB some day.

An example from RETURNING and CTE in PostgreSQL:
demo=# select * from t1;
 id | name  
  1 | test1
  2 | test2
  3 | test3
  4 | test1
  5 | test2
  6 | test3
(6 rows)

demo=# WITH del_res AS (DELETE FROM t1 RETURNING id) 
demo-# SELECT CONCAT('Removed ID ',id) info FROM del_res;
 Removed ID 1
 Removed ID 2
 Removed ID 3
 Removed ID 4
 Removed ID 5
 Removed ID 6
(6 rows)


So my conclusion: Returning a resultset for DELETE is helpfull, and is one step in the direction of CTE support.

The next step step is to get the RETURNING keyword to work for UPDATE.

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