Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to install PGXN on RHEL6

Installing PGXN on RHEL 6.3 is not as easy as it might sound.

First you need to install the PostgreSQL yum repo:
rpm -ivh http://yum.postgresql.org/9.2/redhat/rhel-6.3-x86_64/pgdg-redhat92-9.2-7.noarch.rpm

Then you need to install pgxnclient:
yum install pgxnclient

The pgxn client has 2 dependencies which are not listed in the package:
  • setuptools
  • simplejson 2.1
To satisfy the first dependency we need to install python-setuptools
yum install python-setuptools

The second one is not that easy as the simplejson version in RHEL6.3 is 2.0, which is too old. We can use PIP to install a newer version:
yum remove python-simplejson
yum install python-pip python-devel
python-pip install simplejson

And now the pgxn command will work.

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