Friday, April 29, 2011

My MySQL wishlist (revised, again)

 Just like I did in 2007 and 2009, this is my updated whishlist for MySQL.

My 2007 List:
Per user and/or per database quota
I guess that this will be implemented together with catalog support.
External Authentication 
Got it in 5.5! Thanks a lot! And the new MySQL Cluster even has support for sharing user credentials.
Database Locator
There is still no TNSnames like support.

Saving extra metadata about the database.
Using the comment field of tables for things like svn release, customer number and more still just feels wrong. And a database still can't have a comment... Using I_S is possible, but it's not supported to create FK's for that, so consistency is not guaranteed.

better protection against run-away queries
With mk-kill this is now easy.

restore manager
I still have to use thinks like awk for this...

My 2009 List:
SNMP for statistics
no changes
SNMP for alerting
MySQL Enterprise Manager is quite good at this.

There is much more possible with the new plugin features in 5.5

And now the new entries:

SequencesThis could make single-row uuid tables redundant
Check constraints
See this blog entry from for the reason why.
Multiple triggers with the same action time and event

Host cache info
As explained in Bug #59404

Crash-safe UDFs
A badly written UDF can crash the whole server. This will make the use of UDF's a bit too risky for some.

What's on your whishlist? A scalable query cache? JSON Features? Multithreaded Slave? Custom datatypes? IPv6?


    1. You can implement some check constraints using updatable views....

    2. Multi-threaded slaves are previewed as part of the MySQL 5.6 labs release, published a couple of weeks back.

      You can learn more about it here - with links to the build:

    3. Your "Host cache info" is a sore one for me, since I wrote a patch that did that and much more 5 years ago: