Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Using the MySQL Test Suite

Earlier I reported about two crashes related to MySQL 5.0.22 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.

I think those bugs show a lack of testing on the side of Cannonical/Ubuntu. And for MySQL there is a quite good test suite available, so it's not rocketsience.

There are multiple reasons why you could use the MySQL Test Framework:
1. Test if bug you previously experienced exists in the version you are using or planning to use.
2. Test if configuration changes have a good or bad result on the stability of mysqld.
3. Test if important functions still return the correct results (especially importand for financial systems)

$ echo "SELECT @@version;" > version.test
$ cp version.test version.result
$ mysql < version.test >> version.result
$ mysqltest --result-file=version.result --test-file=version.test
$ cat version.result
SELECT @@version;

There is a utility for MySQL Cluster called ndb_cpcd which is a test utility for development. It controls processes and listens on a TCP port. Is has some overlap with the MySQL Instance Manager. But there is very few documentation available about it and I wonder if anyone is actually using this. And the other test utility for NDB is ndb_test_platform. I could not find any documentation about it ndb_test_platform, so i guess I'm not supposed to use it?

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